About the Company

Innovative processes require the courage to explore new paths for the benefit of people, the environment, and society.

Thinking of new procedures, methods, and tools is our way of tackling challenges. TinniT Technologies GmbH has extensive experience in conducting industrial, development, and research projects. Our expertise is based on a solid theoretical foundation in the fields of fluid mechanics, thermodynamics, and heat and mass transfer. We are an internationally oriented medium-sized company with a strong network that proves its value on a daily basis, especially in times of climate change, resource scarcity, and accompanying digitization. Interdisciplinary tasks require identifying synergies for engineering and enabling continuous technology transfer.

TinniT is named after the old symbol from ancient Carthage because foresight and looking into the future of engineering are of great importance to us, as that is how innovations can be created. Furthermore, we consider innovation as an „enlightened“ innovation that takes into account environmental concerns alongside societal needs, economic feasibility, and knowledge. Therefore, an innovation can only be considered an innovation if environmental considerations are taken into account. That is our motto: Developing and researching for a sustainable economy and society.

It in the environment & process engineering

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