Development & Prototyping

The challenge lies in ensuring quality while reducing development times

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Engineering & Consulting

Are you planning a new system for product manufacturing and facing interdisciplinary questions? Are you looking for a suitable partner to assist you with planning, calculations, and design? Or do you simply need a competent sparring partner? Then you’ve come to the right place. Our specialty lies in interdisciplinary problem-solving and extensive networking to tackle engineering tasks from various fields. Feel free to reach out to us. We are more than happy to support you with technical consultancy for your development tasks.


In addition to numerical calculations, we also offer experimental investigations. Thanks to our strong collaborations with universities and research institutions, we always find a way to implement dedicated tasks for experimental studies. We see ourselves as the link between industry and research.


Programing & Customized Simulations

Certain tasks often push the boundaries of numerical applications. This includes gaps in material data or insufficient modeling approaches for heat and mass transport. Or maybe there is a lack of interfaces to other tools. With our experience in research-related modeling topics, we have expertise in parallel computing and setting up Linux clusters, as well as integrating them into IT infrastructures. Furthermore, upon request, we can provide a web interface for our calculation tools tailored to specific tasks. You can perform calculations on our systems using predefined parameter ranges and solvers. We customize this infrastructure to meet your needs by preparing the computational models and offering them as a service through TinniT. Our computing cluster, consisting of 168 processors, is at your disposal within the scope of a project. Save on software, hardware, and personnel costs by using these new tools at your own discretion and only when needed.

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