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Virtual Material Design
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Virtual Material Design (VMD)

Currently an interesting new approach to develop porous or sandwich-like materials is pursued by TinniT. The material is designed virtually. For example cellular structures are created using a filling algorithm in the PACE3D software from KIT/IAM. The structures can be fitted to the material concerning their orientation, position and dimension.

In a second step the material is characterised by numerical analyses. The strength or the heat transfer behaviour can thus be checked after design. If the material requirements are fulfilled, the structure area of the cellular material can be exported as a STL file. Usual 3D printers are able to print the geometry of the designed material.

In cooperation with celltec from Dresden these plastics structure can be replaced with different matters, e.g. nickel, steel or aluminium. By this method of virtual material design applications can be manufactured without extensive experimental validation steps, although experiments to assure the process are still reasonable and helpful.

Bild "porosity.jpg"

3D plot of a porous structure