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Fluid mechanics
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Fluid mechanics

Numerical methods are a powerful tool for prediction of physical processes. CFD (computational fluid dynamics) is a method to describe flow phenomena and the connected heat and mass transfer. Fluid mechanics is of great importance in nearly every technical application, e.g. for the fundamental evaluation of pressure loss in dimensioning ventilators, pumps etc. or for the calculation of the resulting volume flow partitioning in cooling devices etc. In reality there are mostly coupled problems, e.g. a pressure load on a structure or heat transferred to a structure induced by fluid flow. Here it is necessary to combine the calculations. New CFD methods incorporate coupled solvers for simultaneous solving.

TinniT uses numerical methods in the area of

  • environmental technology (flue gas cleaning, solar heat, earth heat exchanger etc.)
  • biotechnology (membran production, ultrafiltration, dialysis, film flow
  • energy technology (gas storage, combustion
  • process technology (slushing, food drying, cooling devices, latent heat storage, painting
  • experimental technology (prototyping, test rig layout)

For calculation of these fluid flows TinniT uses commercial as well as non-commercial CFD software to numerically solve the Navier-Stokes equations. Often additional coding is necessary for special tasks to model the physics. We adapt the software to your special needs, if not contained in the standard package, e.g. the evaporation from a liquid film or the deformation of textile buildings under wind loads or other tasks. At TinniT you will always get professional support with CFD.

Bild "rauchgas.png"

Calculated flow and particle distribution in a flue gas cleaning device