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Fluid structure interaction

Flowing fluids create forces on their outer or inner boundaries. These forces may lead to a deformation of structures, thus changing the fluid space and the fluid flow itself. This interaction is called fluid structure interaction (abbrev. FSI). To calculate a fully coupled interaction of fluid and structure a coupled solver is needed. The non-steady behaviour plays an inportant role, e.g. the vibrations of a wing and the pressure oscillations near the wing. In most cases enhanced turbulence models are needed for calculation of non-steady pressure changes in the fluid, extending the calculation times even more.

A special case of FSI are floating bodies. For the body structure all six degrees of freedom can be considered, in full interaction with the pressure field (buoyancy, gravitation, flow).

Another interesting application is thermal interaction between fluid and structure. A few years ago the calculation of a watercooled engine block with FSI was only possible iteratively through separated calculations (data exchange of boundary conditions), but nowadays this kind of calculations can be done fully coupled even with open source solvers. These FSI calculations can be performed by TinniT:

  • wind loads on buildings with textile surface
  • thermal interaction of fluid and structure, all kinds
  • moving bodies and free surface, e.g. stirrers, ships, buoys etc.

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Bild "froettmaning.png"

Froettmaning station in Munich, model for analysis of wind loads on the textile roof of the station